How to use Mawada ?


Mawada is a platform for Islamic marriage. It is not a platform for casual dating or making friendships that do not follow Islamic guidelines. Therefore, Mawada does not allow relationships to form outside the platform. Real-life interaction between a man and a woman is only allowed with the involvement of the woman’s guardian.

Registration : 

To register on Mawada , you need to fill in all the required personal information honestly and clearly. You can follow the steps here (the registration process in Mawada). Choose a suitable username and describe yourself and your desired partner well. You should mention the essential characteristics that make you unique, as well as the fundamental traits you look for in a partner. After entering all the required information, click on the “sign up” button, and you will become a member of us.

Search :

As a member of Mawada, you can search for suitable girls or boys. You can use the “Online Members” or “New Members” lists, or the search form. You will see the relevant results, and you can select a person whose details match your preferences. You can only communicate with them through Mawada .

Messaging :

You can send messages to any member of Mawada by clicking on their profile. However, messaging on Mawada is different from traditional chat methods (e.g., typing a greeting and waiting for a reply). The messaging process works like this: If a man likes a girl’s profile, he can tell her that he has reviewed her profile and it meets his criteria. He can ask her to review his profile. If the girl likes his profile, she can start communication through the app. They can ask each other about any additional information that is not in their personal profiles, such as residence, family, and other relevant details. The main goal of this communication is to understand each other’s compatibility.

Istikhara prayer :

Muslims should seek guidance from Allah through Istikhara (supplication for seeking Allah’s guidance) in any matter they want to do. This includes marriage. We should know that we only see the apparent aspects of matters, while Allah knows their hidden realities. He is the one who makes things easy. (Istikhara prayer)

Contacting the guardian : 

Mawada does not get involved in the communication between a young man and the guardian of a girl. After agreeing on some basic points between the man and the girl, and after seeking guidance through Istikhara, the man should ask the girl about how to contact her guardian. The girl may suggest that the women from both sides talk first. Or she may give the man her guardian’s contact information directly. Here, it is important to stress that Mawada 's main role is to be a search tool for helping communication between men and women. The actual marriage should follow Islamic guidelines, customs, and traditions, without any violations that could affect the validity of the marriage contract.


To conclude, we should highlight the important conditions for a valid Islamic marriage: the consent of the bride’s guardian, the acceptance from both parties, the presence of trustworthy witnesses, and the announcement of the marriage according to the legal requirements.

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