Is payment secure from hacking and theft?

Just to clarify, when you make a payment to Mawada, you don't directly pay us. Instead, you make the payment through intermediary companies that we work with. These companies are among the largest payment processors in the world, and approximately 99% of applications use their services.

Let's take a couple of examples:

Example 1:

When you choose to make a payment through Google Play or App Store, you enter your card details into the systems provided by Google or Apple. These are two highly reputable and trusted companies in the industry.

Example 2:

If you decide to pay using a credit card or debit card, you enter your card information into the global system known as Stripe. Stripe is the world's largest platform specialized in processing payments through credit cards.

So, in essence, while you may be making the payment for Mawada's services, the actual transaction occurs through these well-established payment intermediaries.

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