Are messages between members monitored by administrators?

No, messages between members are private and cannot be accessed by anyone. Even if we wanted to, the daily number of messages exchanged between men and women on Mawada exceeds 2 million messages. Even if we were to employ 1000 moderators, they would not be able to read your messages.

However, there is one exception. If a member is reported for misusing Mawada, a moderator is allowed to access their messages to verify the authenticity of the complaint. If the report is found to be valid, the offending message may be used as evidence when the member is banned.

We utilize artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms for message monitoring. These codes automatically scan all messages on a daily basis. Through self-learning and various criteria, they can distinguish between good and bad members. The process is automated. These codes filter out suspicious members who may be engaging in inappropriate behavior. The final step is taken by the moderators, who evaluate the profiles.


Members who are banned due to inappropriate message content may claim that a moderator is spying on their messages. However, manual monitoring of messages is impossible. The analysis of messages and detection of violations is either triggered by a direct complaint from the message recipient or through trained algorithms specialized in identifying such content.

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