Is Mawada a trustworthy ?

Whom do you mean by your question? Mawada's management or Mawada's members?

Mawada's management:
We established Mawada with the objective of assisting individuals in finding marriage partners through a straightforward and legal process. Our website is specifically tailored for Muslims, and we have incorporated programming features that facilitate communication in accordance with Islamic Sharia Laws (we don't use voice, video, calls, or stickers). As you can see, we don't display pictures of beautiful girls like other websites do to attract subscribers through inappropriate means. We have included the auth in the registration process and made it mandatory for all registrants to complete it. We have employed a large number of supervisors who are knowledgeable about what is permissible and prohibited, and they work around the clock to remove any member who misuses the platform.

Mawada's members:
We do not bring our members from mosques; rather, Mawada's members are the same people you find around you in your city, in your community. People's ethics vary. Since there is no invention yet that allows us to know a subscriber's heart and intentions before they register on Mawada, some bad people can easily register on Mawada. You will encounter a girl who wishes for marriage, and at the same time, you will find a girl who registered out of curiosity and experimentation. Similarly, you will find a sincere and ready-to-marry young man and a person who entered for entertainment purposes. However, in Mawada, we don't leave things as they are; instead, we work tirelessly 24/7 to ban non-serious members:

  • Any ropot about any non-serious member is responded to within a maximum of 8 hours.
  • We prevent members from communicating outside Mawada, so that we have evidence and proof in case of complaints about any subscriber.
  • We have AI programs that work automatically on a daily basis and detect violative members through the nature of their correspondences.

The daily work of the supervisors is to the best of their ability to maintain the seriousness of the website and application by keeping only sincere members who are genuinely seeking marriage.

Thanks to God, we have been able to achieve our goal. Today, Mawada application is one of the highest-rated marriage applications in the Google Play Store and App Store. We have between 85-95 successful marriage stories daily.



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