Does Mawada facilitate Misyar marriage?

Mawada is a legitimate Islamic matrimonial website that caters to Sunni Muslims. We are often asked if Misyar marriage is facilitated on our platform. Misyar marriage is a complete and valid form of Islamic marriage, where both spouses consent, the woman's guardian approves, and witnesses are present. While it is allowed according to Islamic law, Mawada does not actively endorse or promote it.

On our website, you are allowed to indicate your preference for Misyar marriage in your profile and communicate with potential partners who are also interested in this type of marriage. This does not violate our terms and conditions. We have seen many successful Misyar marriages among our members.

However, it is important to note that Mawada does not provide specific search tools or features exclusively dedicated to Misyar marriage. Our primary focus is on supporting traditional marriage, which we believe is the best solution for building a healthy family.

We strictly prohibit 'customary marriages' that are not recognized by Islamic law, as well as temporary marriages (Mut'ah), as they are considered forbidden (haram) practices.

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