Can you find a suitable spouse for me on my behalf?

We apologize, but you will need to handle this yourself.

We are unable to mediate or contact any members outside of the website. It is not within our authority to do so, regardless of whether the member is active or has canceled their subscription. We strictly adhere to our privacy policy. Furthermore, we do not offer search and communication services on your behalf for an additional fee.

We cannot intervene or convince any member on the website to fulfill your request or act as a mediator between you and them.

This website or application is designed for personal use only. It is your responsibility to conduct your own search and initiate communication. If there is no response or lack of reciprocity from the other party, we cannot take any action on your behalf. This is a matter of personal freedom. We encourage you to try reaching out to other individuals.

We wish you the best of luck.

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