When are registration requests suspended and require application editing?

There are certain scenarios in which a registration request is not rejected or accepted immediately, but rather returned to the subscriber for further action. These cases involve the need to provide missing information or rectify specific data before the request can be activated. The situations in which this occurs are as follows:

  • Unsuitable username: The chosen username does not align with the nature of the Islamic website.
  • Contact information in registration fields: Some fields require contact details, such as phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Use of inappropriate phrases: Important fields, including city, occupation, monthly income, self-description, and partner description, should not contain phrases like "later" or "to be determined."
  • Superficial information: Fields related to self-description and partner description should not contain insufficient or superficial details.

In these instances, the subscriber must make the necessary edits to their registration form in order to complete the required information. Once the form has been revised, it can be resent to the administrator for activation upon its completion.

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